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Red Wine Bleach Cream is a unique multi-action preparation. It evenly blends the facial hair with your complexion, while the red wine extracts give your skin the natural glow. The Red Wine Bleach Cream fades facial blemishes from within, providing a never before shine and glow. Red wine Bleach helps to keep the skin young and fresh. It leaves your skin charming and supple. How to Apply Wash area to be bleached with cold water and pat dry. Apply Pre-Bleach Lotion on the area to be bleached. Add 1 part of Bleach Activator to 5 parts of Bleach Cream and mix it thoroughly for 2 minutes in a plastic or glass bowl. Using spatula apply the above mixture on the area to be bleached in the opposite direction of hair growth ensuring that the hair are completely covered. After 10-12 min. check if the bleaching is proper & then wash off with cold water, if not keep on the mixture for another 5-7 min. & then wash off. Apply Post Bleach Lotion on the bleached area and massage gently till it is completely absorbed. After bleaching, do not use soap for 5-6 hours.

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