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Platinum Facial is especially for dull & dark skin into the vibrant, supple & soft skin, enriched with platinum ash, essential oil. It’s also reducing wrinkles, lines and “sagging” skin that come. 1. Platinum Skin Polishing Cream Effectively reduces the visible signs of aging, protects collagen in the skin and provides instant shine & freshness to the skin. It immediately leaves hydrated & youthful skin. 2. Platinum Skin Polishing Pack Is enriched with platinum dust and other active ingredients penetrate into the second layer of the skin works to give even skin tone, shiny, fairer and smoother look. 3. Platinum Skin Polishing Powder Recommended for darker skin Complexion, gives instant shine & freshness to the skin. Platinum Products are enriched with the goodness of platinum dust. 4. Platinum Skin Polishing Scrub Is enriched with carefully selected jojoba seeds (micronized) that have rich antioxidant properties and exfoliates the dead cells without damaging the skin. 5. Platinum Cleansing Milk It penetrates deeply to gently remove dirt & impurities from the skin. It maintains moisture level & preserves the elasticity of the skin. The skin feels clean, supple, fresh & hydrated. 6. Essence Serum Is a highly nutritive, reparative, balancing and beautifying blend which reduces visible signs of aging. Skin becomes smooth & tones with lightened effect & gives you a more radiant glow.

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