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DIRECTIONS : STEP 1 : LUSTER GOLD NOURISHING CLEANSER : Gently Massage the Cream Cleanser for 5-7 minutes and wipe with wet cotton. STEP 2 : LUSTER GOLD NOURISHING GEL SCRUB : Moisten the face neck, apply the scrub and massage gently for 5-7 min. avoiding areas around eyes. STEP 3 : LUSTER GOLD NOURISHING GEL : Apply liberally and massage gently for 7-10 minutes onto the face and neck region. STEP 4 : LUSTER GOLD NOURISHING CREAM : Apply liberally and massage gently onto the face and neck region 12-15 minutes. STEP 5 : LUSTER GOLD NOURISHING PACK : Apply pack on wet face and leave for 15 minutes cleanse with fresh water after pack completely dries up. STEP 6 : LUSTER GOLD ESSENCE SERUM : Mix with scrub and cream massage in circular motion. The serum penetrates into skin and forms a uniform layer. Galvanic may be use for great result. BENEFITS : It helps the skin deeply and promote cell regeneration so as to leave the skin brighter and replenish. It works on the skin efficiently, deeply cleanses the skin pores, excess oil and dead skin cells. It helps to improve blood circulation and restore softness and radiance. It helps to improve the quality of cells. The gold properties in the cream reduce the ageing lines, wrinkles and you look fresh and young. It helps of collagen level in your skin cells, to enhance her complexion, skin glowing and beautiful. This serum revives the complexion and keep skin hydrated, creating an even skin tone, leaving the skin smooth and; refreshed.

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