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The Haldi Chandan Facial not only works on acne, but it also brings about a glow and radiance to the skin and has skin lightening properties too. Both turmeric and sandalwood are potent. 1. Haldi Chandan Gel It penetrates deeply to gently remove dirt & impurities from the skin. It maintains moisture level & preserves the elasticity of the skin. The skin feels clean, supple, fresh & hydrated. 2. Haldi Chandan Cream Aggressively exfoliates the dull layer of dead skin, removes tanning & rejuvenates the tired & sluggish skin. The Combination of Haldi & Chandan works against zits & blemishes as well. 3. Haldi Chandan Pack Turmeric and sandalwood both are potent antimicrobial agents & both are known to remove tan & bring radiance to the face. It deep cleanses the skin & helps draw out impurities. 4. Haldi Chandan Gel Scrub Not only works on acne, but it has skin lightening properties also brings about a glow and radiance to the skin. This scrub helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin. 5. Haldi Chandan Cleansing Milk It provides beauty to the face. Haldi and Chandan both make the skin soft and clear. The skin looks cleaner, softer & dark spots fade away. Chandan brings glow on the face. 6. Essence Serum It is a highly nutritive, reparative, balancing and beautifying blend which reduces visible signs of aging. Skin becomes smooth & tones with lightened effect & gives you a more radiant glow.

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